2019 Municipal Elections

The New London Greens' first Nominating Meeting was held on Sunday, August 4, at Riverside Park. Frida Berrigan was endorsed to run for Mayor in this year's municipal election, and she received enough signatures to be guaranteed a spot on the ballot.

At a second nomination meeting held on September 3, Ronna Stuller was nominated to run for New London City Council, while Sharmaine Gregor was endorsed to be this year's candidate for Board of Education.

Election Day is November 5.

Frida Berrigan for Mayor

Community organizer and author Frida Berrigan was endorsed as the 2019 Green Party candidate for Mayor. Frida has a long history of involvement at the local and national level in support of peace, social justice and environmental responsibility. “I am a parent and a community gardener. I try to be a good neighbor. I support existing initiatives, show up in solidarity, lead from behind and create conversations. I am not an expert in anything. But, it seems to me that the mayor’s job is to be present and listen, catalyze conversation, invite inquiry and question assumptions. I can do that.”

Joining Frida on this year's municipal slate are Ronna Stuller, who is running for City Council, and Sharmaine Gregor, who is a first-time candidate for Board of Education.

The New London Greens run to win, but also use the opportunity to shed light on important issues, bring new and creative viewpoints for public consideration, and promote policies that support the Green Party values of democracy, peace, social justice, and community-based economics.

If you are interested in volunteering in support of the New London candidates, contact us at info@nlgreens.org. Donations are also welcome, as the Green Party depends on small contributions from real people, and NEVER accepts money from businesses, lobbyists, or special interest groups.

Our 2019 campaign office

The New London Greens are renting office space in Harris Place, 165 State Street (right next door to City Hall. We have office hours nearly every day, so please stop by to chat with us; pick up campaign literature, signs, or merchandise; or to just hang out.

We are also making the space available - at no cost - for community events. We've already had a movie night and a pop-up vegan café. Let us know if you would like to hold an educational event, cultural activity, or social gathering here. The space will be available until mid-November.